Passenger e-Manifest System

Passenger e-Manifest System (PEMS) Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Passenger e-Manifest System (PEMS)

It is a web-based listing of persons counted as passengers on board a passenger ship for a particular voyage, using the prescribed format with the required information in accordance to MARINA MC 180 and MARINA Advisory No. 50-2020.

It replaces the manual (paper and pen) listing of passengers’ information and therefore, helps limit the risk of passengers’ exposure with CoVid-19.

For purposes of monitoring of passengers, relevant maritime agencies are able to view the passenger manifest in real time.

Information on the final destination of passengers is available for concerned LGUs. For example, upon embarkation, the System shall notify the LGU-Iligan City that there are 5 passengers arriving at the Port of Cagayan on a specific date and time. The notification shall continue until the passenger has disembarked.

2. How are passengers’ data protected and secured?

Passengers’ data are protected in accordance to the provision of Data Privacy Law, vis-a-vis Section 20 of RA 10173, or the Data Privacy Act, protects individuals from unauthorized processing of personal information that is (1) private, not publicly available; and (2) identifiable, where the identity of the individual is apparent either through direct attribution or when put together with other available information.

The System is compliant with the Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012) – organization security, physical security and technical security to protect your personal data against loss, misuse or misprocessed by any data controller, modification, unauthorized or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction. We put safeguards such as the following:

  • We keep and protect data using a secured server behind a firewall, deploying encryption on computing devices and physical security controls
  • We restrict access to your personal data only to qualified and authorized personnel who hold your personal data with strict confidentiality and
  • We train our data controllers to properly handle and process your data

3. How to create an account with PEMS?

  • If you are a passenger go to this link for step-by-step instruction
  • For shipping companies
  • For maritime agencies
  • For LGUs

4. How to upload passenger info?

To upload a passenger info just click the passenger info button on the upper left corner of the screen then input the ship name, voyage number, seat/bunk number, personal details, contact details and etc., after filling-out all the necessary information then click the save button.

5. How to upload multiple records at a time?

To upload multiple records at a time the user can download the Passenger-Manifest-Template by clicking the download button on the upper left corner that will be used for uploading multiple and bulk data at a time. After downloading the template just click the import button the user must input the travel dates, transport details and import the Passenger-Manifest-Template by clicking the choose file button and click the import button the data will be automatically displayed on the profile list.

6. How to generate reports?

To generate reports just click the Download CSV icon and named as TableDownload.csv

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